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The Beginning

When pulling in the area first began, it was extremely unorganized and the sport would not survive without some sort of leadership, rules, and organization. Therefore, in 1974-1975 a group of pullers came together to create a uniform set of rules, which essentially led to the creation of the Western New York Pullers Association. On this night, Joe Telaak was voted president and the rest of the officers were voted in as well. 

The early years

Six organized sanctioned pulls were in the books for the first year, a $2,500 purse, and only 26 members.  From 1975 to 1978, the number of members, tractors, and sanctioned pulls increased exponentially leading to the incorporation of WNY TPA. As interest continued to grow, the club expanded: 

  • 1980 4WD Trucks

  • 1981 Semi- Super Stock Tractors

  • 1982 Econo Modified Tractors

  • 1983 2WD Trucks

  • 1984- The truck pullers decided to form their own organization, the Empire State Pullers

  • 1987-1988- After four years of running separate organizations (the WNY TPA and ESP) the two decided to come together and voted to retain the name Empire State Pullers

The 1990'S & Early 2000's

Since retaining the name, Empire State Pullers, classes have come and gone..

  • 1994- 4WD Trucks dropped due to low numbers

  • 1998- Super Farm class added

  • 2001- Last season of the Econo Modified Tractors

Esp now

The Empire State Pullers have been sanctioned by many different organizations, such as the National Tractor Pullers Association (NTPA), TNT Motorsports, the American Tractor Pullers Association (ATPA), and USA Pulling. However, since 2007, ESP has been affiliated with the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League out of Brownstown, IN. Today, ESP sanctions six classes of competition:

  • Light Super Stock

  • Heavy Super Stock

  • Modified Tractors

  • Limited Pro Trucks

  • Super Farm Stock

  • Pro Field

None of this would be possible without Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League and their sponsors, as well as our current sponsors and patrons. We thank you all for your continued support and look forward to a great season of tractor pulling!

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